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Teachers by Grade


Staff Grade/Specialty Room Ext
Cooper, Kelly TK B2 210
Schlageter, Sue K B2 210
Diaz, Lucia K TWBI-- PM B1 211
Ortega, Cecilia K TWBI--AM B1 211
Campbell, Janell 1st C5 225
Lira, Melissa 1st TWBI C4 224
Valdez, Liliana 1st TWBI C3 223
Dixon, Kathryn 2nd D6 236
Castro, Elizabeth 2nd TWBI D2 232
delaTorre, Carmen 2nd TWBI D1 231
Disney, Pam 3rd D3 233
Munoz, Angela 3rd TWBI D5 235
Torres, Ramona 3rd TWBI D4 234
Fogliasso, Noelle 4th tandem F2 252
Freshour, Yolanda 4th tandem F2 252
Arroyo, Lucy 4th TWBI F3 253
Estrada, Sandra 4th TWBI F5 255
Dailey, Mary 5th F1 251
Brickman, Rich 5th SI E4 244
Spence, Hilary 6th E2 242
Ayon, Phil 6th E3 243
Rojo/Ramirez 6th SI F3 253


Meet Our Staff

The staff at MME is exceptional.  We are a dedicated, talented and resourceful group of educators from the office, to the classroom, to the playground and everywhere in between. Our school thrives because of our relationships with all of our school community members. We want to hear from you! Call, email or come visit the office. 


McNeil, Jennifer Principal


Aliaga, Edme Yard Duty
Almanza, Rocio Teacher
Arroyo, Lucia Teacher
Ayon, Phillip Teacher
Bachman, NIchole Staff
Bacon, Ana Teacher
Brazil, Nora Teacher
Brickman Jr, Richard Teacher
Calvo, Cindy Staff
Campbell, Janell Teacher
Castro, Elizabeth Teacher
Cecil, Vicki Staff
Cooley, Lydia Music Teacher
Cooper, Kelly Teacher
Coulter, JJ Staff
Dailey, Mary Teacher
De La Torre, Carmen Teacher
Diaz, Fabiola Staff
Diaz, Olga Teacher
Disney, Pamela Teacher
Dixon, Kathryn Teacher
Estrada, Sandra Teacher
Farris, Kevin Teacher
Fogliasso, Noelle Teacher
Franchi, Taryn Staff
Frescas, Stephanie Staff
Freshour, Yolanda Teacher
Gallegos, Areles Teacher
Guerra, Sean Staff
Hameed, Malik Lead Facilities
Hayes, Melissa Teacher
Hernandez, Lupita Staff
Hessl, Jennifer Teacher
Higareda De Bridge, Silvia Staff
Higley-Chapman, Jennifer Staff
Hutchings, Blake Sys Admin
Iglesias, Fabian Staff
Kazajian, Christy Staff
Kouznetsova, Jenny Staff
LaPlante, Kimberly Staff
Larsen, Amanda Teacher
Laso, Eugenio Staff
Lee, Ray Staff
Lira, Melissa Teacher
McNeil, Jennifer Principal
Mendez Valdovinos, Jazmin Staff
Meyer, Carrie Staff
Munoz, Angela Teacher
Ortega, Maria Cecilia Teacher
Patchett, Kim Teacher
Pelayo, Geraldine Staff
Perez, Belen Staff
Plaut, David Teacher
Ramirez Jr, Juan Teacher
Rausch, Devyn Staff
Rebollar, Isamar Staff
Rojo, Jazmin Aide Teacher
Ryen, Madeline Teacher
Salcedo, Maria Staff
Sanchez, Lourdes Staff
Sanchez-Hernandez, Karla Staff
Sandoval, Michelle Staff
Schlageter, Susan Teacher
Schnathorst, Carmen Staff
Scholl, Annie Staff
Sepulveda, Sylvia Staff
Sicairos-Lopez, Ileana Staff
Smith, Heather Teacher
Spence, Hilary Teacher
Stark, Marilyn Staff
Stephens, Donna Staff
Stewart-Hohle, Sharon Staff
Tariq, Nusrat Staff
Thompson, Wendy Staff
Torres, Ramona Teacher
Uliasz, Tara Teacher
Valdez Padilla, Liliana Teacher
Zimmerman, Amanda Teacher